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Date: December 14, 2016

Privacy Policy

What does record?
We record the user's randomly generated map from letters to digits, task completion history, test performance, mnemonic memorization table, username, alias, email, badges, external form submissions, time stamps, ip addresses, cookies, demographic data, hardware data, navigation data, and what led you to our website.

Why do we record this data?
We record data to allow users to train and test their memory on maps from letters to digits. We also record data to allow users to compete with other users. Our primary purpose for storing data is to better understand, develop, and provide for the community.

How do we collect this data?
We retrieve user input and navigation, analyze the user to server data streams, cross reference with publicly accessible information, and retrieve information from search engines.

Do we share user data with third parties?
Authentication is handled using Google Sign-In and SessionTokens. Other than that, we limit the sharing of data with third parties. However, users that access our external forms will be sharing their submissions with third parties. Also, our web app utilizes externally hosted javascript libraries leading to shared data with third parties.

What data can the public view?
The public cannot view any user content without logging in. After logging in, users can view the community leaderboard.

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